Buddy Media – Event Video Production

We are buddemedia video production, Bremen, German digital communications house. We specialize in campaigns for companies with multimedia streaming of their events. Buddy Media is a professional video production in Bremen, focused on the production process of the development and promotional videos.

A feature of Buddy media as Video Production / Film Production Bremen, Film Production Bremen, Video Marketing in Bremen is the use of high-quality radios that are used in the very studio or on-site.

Buddy Media and Event Videos: We work in event video production with two years of experience. We have made over 20 event videos, in the form of films, teasers, and interviews.   Startup Weekend Bremen 2017 is a program filmed by the buddemedia event video production team.

What Is The Purpose Of Buddemedia Event Video Production?

Whether conference videos or corporate team building events or live events, Buddy media has a trained team to record your activity. Event video production can be streamed live as an extra buzz in the competition!

Our team focuses on details and makes special touches. It remains with us in quality products to keep your event so unique.

Buddy Media Request – What Kind Of Event Should Be Filmed?

Event videos are a streaming verse of an event. We record and work closely with our customers. We are exactly what customers want from our video production. As a company, you can introduce a new service or product or a new dimension in the business. They can have special celebrations, awards, public relation events, fundraising events, even event concerts. In such a situation, they can film their efforts to organize the events.

What Equipment Do We Use For Event Videos?

The equipment we choose helps us deliver a finished product with the right look. As well as an excellent selection of cameras, we can also add this extra equipment to your production, which adds more shine to your event video! If you want a smooth walk around the event, an aerial view of your audience with a boom, time-lapse video capture or something a bit easier, we have an excellent range of equipment available.